Text Retrieval and Text Mining Journal Club

Journal Club meeting will be on every Friday from 10:00AM - 12:00AM starting from 12th February, 2021.

Goal: To study current papers from journals and conference proceedings in text retrieval and text mining.

Examples of problems include topic models, web retrieval and web mining, ranking strategies, ambiguity resolution, knowledge discovery, web phenomenon including social networks, information extraction and text classification, deep learning/machine learning, obfuscation, text privacy.

The reading group is lead by Professor Padmini Srinivasan.

Interested students (from beginning to advanced students) and faculty are invited to participate in the reading group. Participation format is informal with individuals taking turns to present an overview of the selected paper and lead the discussion. This forum has resulted in collaborative projects and published papers.

Previous semester readings here.

Presenter Date Location Paper Year Published Conference
Jon Rusert 02/12/2021 Zoom (PW: 021221) Generate, Delete and Rewrite: A Three-Stage Framework for Improving Persona Consistency of Dialogue Generation 2020 ACL
Ingroj Shrestha 02/19/2021 Zoom (PW: 692946) Privacy Analysis in Language Models via Training Data Leakage Report 2021 PrePrint
Analytics Thoughts Symposium 02/26/2021 Sign-Up Abstraction and Analogy in Natural and Artificial Intelligence
Osama Khalid 03/05/2021 Zoom (PW: ) Learning Music Helps You Read: Using Transfer to Study Linguistic Structure in Language Models 2020 EMNLP
Jon Rusert 03/12/2021 Zoom (PW: 031221) From Language to Language-ish: How Brain-Like is an LSTM’s Representation of Nonsensical Language Stimuli? 2020 EMNLP
Ingroj Shrestha 03/19/2021 Zoom (PW: 692946) PowerTransformer: Unsupervised controllable revision for biased language correction 2020 EMNLP
Osama Khalid 03/26/2021 Zoom (PW: 100887) Sentiment Paradoxes in Social Networks: Why Your Friends Are More Positive Than You? 2020 ICSWM
Jon Rusert 04/09/2021 Zoom (PW: 040921) Analysis of concept drift in fake reviews detection 2021 Expert Systems with Applications
Ingroj Shrestha 04/16/2021 Zoom (PW:692946) Differential Tweetment: Mitigating Racial Dialect Bias in Harmful Tweet Detection 2021 FAccT
Momina Tabish 04/23/2021 Zoom (PW: 555222) INPREM: An Interpretable and Trustworthy Predictive Model for Healthcare 2020 KDD
Osama Khalid 04/30/2021 Zoom (PW:100887) Causal factors of effective psychosocial outcomes in online mental health communities 2020 ICSWM

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