Chapter 11 Final Notes

11.1 Topics We Covered

  • Computer basics.

  • Numerical linear algebra.

  • Optimization.

  • Smoothing.

  • A little machine learning.

  • Simulation.

  • MCMC .

  • A (very) little parallel computing.

11.2 Some Topics We Did Not Cover

  • Bootstrap.

  • Graphics and visualization.

  • Data technologies.

  • Numerical integration.

  • Symbolic computation.

  • Data mining.

  • Pattern recognition.

  • Functional data analysis.

  • Parallel computing for big data.

    • Distributed arrays, packages.
    • MapReduce, distributed file systems, and Hadoop.
    • Distributed data frames and Spark. Some examples are available on line.
  • Cloud computing;

  • Docker and other virtualization technologies.

11.3 Homework and Project

Some of the things you got from these:

  • Practice writing non-trivial programs that work.

  • Appreciation of basic numerical issues.

  • Experience using the computer to explore ideas.

  • A better understanding of R.

  • Experience in understanding and extending a statistical analysis framework

  • Practice in conducting simulation experiments.

  • A deeper understanding of some topic of your choice,