Calculus I

22m:25, Fall 2009, Lectures CCC and DDD
Instructor: Fred Goodman

Contact Information:


325G Maclean Hall


goodman at math dot uiowa dot edu


Voice: 319-335-0791

Paper Mail:

Fred Goodman
Department of Mathematics MLH
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1419 USA

Office Hours:

MWF 1:30 and by appointment

Class Hours:

Lecture CCC: MW F at 10:30.

Lecture DDD: MWF at 11:30

in 110 MacLean Hall


I put links to the text of the first two exams, the text of the finals that I gave on two previous occasions , and a review for the final at the bottom of the page.

Final dates and times: (Exams take place in the usual classroom.)

Lecture CCC
7:30 A.M., Thursday, December 17 2009

Lecture DDD
2:15 P.M, . Monday, December 14 2009



Click here to see the syllabus.

Some propaganda:

What it takes to learn calculus.

Practical mathematics, real world mathematics, and school mathematics.


James Stewart, Calculus (Early Transcendentals), 6th edition, Thompson/Brooks-Cole.


Assignment lists:

Assignment 1, due Thursday September 3.

Assignment 2, due Thursday September 10.

Assignment 3, due Thursday September 17.

Assignment 4, due Thursday September 24.

Assignment 5, due Thursday October 1.

Assignment 6, due Thursday October 8.

Assignment 7, due Thursday October 15.

Assignment 8, Due Thursday October 29.

Assignment 9, Due Thursday November 5.

Assignment 10, Due Thursday, November 12. You will also need this mathematica notebook to do the assignment, which involves computing approximations to integrals.

Assignment 11, Due Thursday, November 19.

Assignment for Thursday, November 26: Eat a lot, relax, have fun.

Assignment 12, Due Thursday December 3.

Last assignment, Due Thursday December 10.


There will be frequent quizzes in discussion sections; you will be informed in advance about the quizzes.

There will be two midterm exams in class, on Friday, September 18, and Friday, October 16.

There will be a comprehensive final exam at the time specified in the Fall 1999 Schedule of courses.



Mathematica can be run remotely on a university computer, using the UI Virtual Desktop. Look here for links.

Mathematica tutorials:

Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4

Video Tutorial from Wolfram (the publishers of Mathematica).

Mathematica Demonstrations:

August 24: local flatness and the tangent line

September 21: differentiation and plotting with Mathematica.

September 30: implicit differentiation and graphing relations.

October 12: tangent line approximation graphic investigation.

October 19: max min.

Oct. 30: graphing with computer and calculus.

November 2: Newton's method.

November 4: What is area?


Some notes :

Notes from week of 8-24

Note on notation and terminology for functions.

Exam review, exam 1.

Note on exponential and log functions.

Exam review, exam 2.

Note on max-min.

Note on the definition of the integral.

Link to Archimedes's proof for the area of a circle.

First midterm exam..

2nd midterm exam.

Final from 1994.

Final from 1999 (Engineering Calc I, but basically it's the same course.)

Review for final exam.