8/23 intro notes or intro notes large font.     Alexander's Horned Sphere
Classification of surfaces:
p. 1 - 6 of Cameron Gordon Combinatorial Methods in Low-dimensional Topology 1, MSRI 1996 . Click here for more lectures by Cameron Gordon
Chapter 4, section 2 from Livingston's Knot Theory
8/30 Knots in the torus: Rolfsen 2C
9/3 Mapping class group of the torus: Rolfsen 2D
9/6 Holiday
9/8 Solid tori: Rolfsen 2E
Heegard splitting
9/10 Lens Spaces: Rolfsen 9AB
9/13 Seifert Fibered Spaces
Lecture's bases mostly on
  • Seifert's Topology of 3d fibered spaces (see appendix of Seifert and Threlfall, A textbook of topology )
  • Jankins and Neumann's Lectures on Seifert manifolds, Brandies Lecutre Notes, 1983.
    Other sources
  • Hatcher, Allen. Ch 2 of Basic 3-Manifold Topology.
  • Matt Brin's: Seifert-fibered 3-manifolds (preprint 10).
  • October Prime Decomposition, JSJ decomposition, etc
    Lecture's bases mostly on
  • Hatcher, Allen. Ch 2 of Basic 3-Manifold Topology.
  • Casson's notes
  • Hempel, John, 3-manifolds, Princeton University Press, 1976.
  • Jaco, William H., Lectures on three-manifold topology, American Mathematical Society, 1980.
  • Hemion, Geoffrey, The classification of knots and 3-dimensional spaces, Oxford University Press, 1992.
  • November
  • Selling Real Estate in Hyperbolic Space: Investment Opportunities for the 90's" Mel Slugbate (Colin Adams)
  • Weeks, Jeffrey R., The shape of space, Marcel Dekker, 2002.
  • Weeks' Geometries on Three-Manifolds II
  • Weeks' The Universe
  • Games/Software and/or Games/Software
  • The Area of Triangles in Hyperbolic Geometry
  • Geometry and the Imagination in Minneapolis, John Conway, Peter Doyle, Jane Gilman, Bill Thurston
  • The Pseudosphere
  • Gaussian Curvature
  • Thurston, William P., Three-dimensional geometry and topology, Princeton University Press, 1997. electronic pre-print
  • MSRI Publications -- Volume 31 Flavors of Geometry Edited by Silvio Levy
  • Flatland
  • Euclid
  • December Hyperbolic Knots
  • Colin Adams, The Knot Book
  • Hyperbolic Knots, Colin Adams
  • Computation of Hyperbolic Structures in Knot Theory, Jeffrey R. Weeks
    Poincare homology sphere
  • Knots and Links, Rolfsen, p. 239 - 251
  • The best picture of Poincare's homology sphere, David Gillman , Cascade Topology Seminar
    JSJ decomposition