Digital Technologies and Marginalized Youth
IDC 2010 Workshop, June 12, 2010, Barcelona, Spain

Summary from organizers

Juan Pablo Hourcade, Natasha E. Bullock-Rest and Heidi Schelhowe
Digital Technologies and Marginalized Youth

Accepted papers

Balbir S. Barn, Middlesex University (UK)
Ravinder Barn, University of London (UK)
An exploration of technologies for engagement and promotion of social inclusion with young offenders

Antonia Spiridonidou, Ioanna Kampi and Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, Ionian University (Greece)
Exploring everyday life in remote schools: A large-scale study with cultural probes and affinity diagrams

Françoise Decortis, Université de Paris 8 (France)
Laura Lentini and Delphine Meurice, Université de Liège (Belgium)
Toward a competency model of video games effective players

Lalya Gaye, Atau Tanaka and Ranald Richardson, Newcastle University (UK)
Kazuhiro Jo, Tokyo University of the Arts (Japan)
Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy: Digital Creative Engagement and Youth-Led Innovation

Lorna McKnight, University of Central Lancashire (UK)
Designing for ADHD: in search of guidelines

Catalina Payán, Hochschule Bremerhaven (Germany)
Classmate PC and OLPC: Education project vs. laptop project

Jaime Sánchez, University of Chile (Chile)
Digital Inclusion in Chilean Rural Schools

Elisabeth Unterfrauner, ilse Marschalek and Claudia Magdalena Fabian, Centre for Social Innovation (Austria)
Marginalised young people benefiting from an online mobile learning community