Digital Technologies and Marginalized Youth
IDC 2010 Workshop, June 12, 2010, Barcelona, Spain
Juan Pablo Hourcade is an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa's Department of Computer Science. His main area of research is Human-Computer Interaction, with a concentration on technologies that support creativity, collaboration and information access for a variety of users, including children and older adults. Prof. Hourcade is actively involved in the research community, serving as Associate Chair of the CHI 2010 Conference, Papers Chair of the IDC 2004 Conference, and Papers Co-Chair of the IDC 2005 Conference, and Workshops Chair in the IDC 2008 Conference. He is in the Editorial Board of Interacting with Computers. Juan Pablo was a co-organizer of the Digital Technologies and Marginalized Youth workshop at the IDC 2009 Conference.

Heidi Schelhowe is professor for “Digital Media in Education” at the Computer Science Department of the University of Bremen and member of the Center for Computing Technologies (TZI). She has a background in pedagogy, being a high school teacher for several years (German and Theology) as well as in computing science, owning a diploma and PhD in the field. Her field of research and teaching is the application of Digital Media in schools as well as in university teaching, and vocational training. Heidi Schelhowe was a co-organizer of the Marginalized Youth workshops held at IDC 2008 and IDC 2009 conferences. Additional research interests include gender questions and inclusive design in computing sciences. She has been in charge of several research projects, some of them for marginalized young people together with the German Charity organization “Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk”, and is a member of various committees. She is head of the Digital Media in Education (dimeb) research group, an interdisciplinary team of about 15 researchers and numerous students, which are supported by an excellent technical and administrative infrastructure. dimeb is situated within the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics and is a part of the Center for Computing Technologies (TZI), an institute within the University of Bremen.