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ExploreU program is designed to help middle school girls learn math and computer science skills while having fun. This program teaches important mathematical and computational ideas while helping students to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.

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Hands-on workshop

Students will participate in a variety of hands-on workshops. They will learn how to use Geometer's SketchPad and the basics of programming with Scratch. The topics covered include Cryptography, fractals, LEGO robotics, and more. Girls will get to interact with the artificially intelligent robot, Nao.

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Girls holding treasure
Treasure Hunt

Girls will enhance their knowledge by participating in a week-long, themed treasure hunt. They will be divided into teams and work together to decrypt secret messages and find clues. On the last day of camp, students will participate in a final scavenger hunt that will lead them to the ultimate prize! Only one team can win.

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“ExploreU was overall an amazing experience! We covered a lot of interesting subjects that aren't usually covered in school, so it was fun to learn something completely new. The program mixed learning computer science and math skills with deciphering secret messages that were hidden behind different ciphers and complicated number systems. My favorite part by far was the treasure hunt, where clues were hidden all around campus and we had to run off in teams and try to solve them all first to win! Additionally, the mentors and structors were really fun and cool, and we got to meet new girls and make friends! ExploreU was an amazing experience for me, and I hope that many other girls will get to experience it as well.”

“ExploreU is one of the fondest memories from the 3 summers I had an opportunity to be there and I most definitely recommend it. Out of 5 stars I would give it 10. The things we learned are so engaging, fun and educating at the same time. I especially loved working as competitive teams, doing races and such. The environment was also really incredible! Everybody was nice and although I don’t usually find it easy to socialize and make friends really quickly, being alone was never a problem for me at the camp. If I had the opportunity to go again, I would do so in a heartbeat. It’s an amazing learning experience in so many ways!”

“ExploreU is a camp that presents math and computer science lessons in a fun and exciting format. The great thing about ExploreU is that it doesn't only teach the girls about STEM, it incorporates teamwork and problem solving. It helps them gain confidence in their abilities and develops leadership skills. It is truly the best weeks of my summer.”

"I really, really enjoyed ExploreU! I learned lots of new things while having fun and keeping my brain active during the summer! I left camp smarter, inspired and with a handful of candy and goods from winning the scavenger hunt :)"

"My 12-year-old daughter Sophie absolutely loved her experience at ExploreU this past summer (2013) and can't wait to enroll again next year. She made many new friends who share her interests in math and computer science and was inspired to join math/science related clubs this fall in her first year of Junior High."

“I have been a mentor for ExploreU since the summer of 2014, and it has been the best part of every summer since. I just love being able to bond with the girls and to teach them things like the Enigma machine! To sum it all up, it’s a fun and challenging camp for the girls! Best part is always helping create the treasure hunt!”