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Part of a talk delivered to the ITU Workshop on ... issues in E-Government, June 6, 2003, Geneva
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science


What we need in the United States

An Open-Source Voting System


Proprietary systems prevent discovery of best practices

If an open source system existed:

    Vendors would have to justify their proprietary systems
    The operation of the testing authorities would be open
    An example would be available critique of the standards

This system should:

    Illustrate best practices in software development

    Illustrate software design for auditability

    Demonstrate that strong standards can be met
        Stronger than current FEC/NASED standards

    Demonstrate appropriate security measures against
        Outside attacks
        Unauditable third-party components

This should be a PC-based direct recording electronic system

    Could run on existing FEC/NASED certified hardware from
        Diebold Election Systems

    Allow possibility of elections on borrowed PCs

    Allows for use of Linux or Open BSD as foundation

    May borrow from the Australian EVACS system