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Part of a talk delivered to the ITU Workshop on ... issues in E-Government, June 6, 2003, Geneva
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science


What we need in the United States

Open Standards


Proprietary standards prevent discovery of best practices


We need open standards for election setup:

    Communicate ballot format to voting machine

    Communicate security keys to voting machine

We need open standards for result reporting:

    Communicate votes to tabulating center
        using telecommunication devices
        using hand-carried memory devices

    Must be tamper-evident

    Must provide absolute protection of voter privacy

    Must provide fault tolerance

    Must provide for formal audit of tabulation

We need a standard framework for threat analysis:

    Most system vendors do not understand threat analysis!


Most of these will apply to multiple E-voting technologies:

    Precinct-count mark-sense systems

    Direct-recording electronic voting systems

    Internet voting


Most of these will be useful internationally!