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Part of a talk delivered to the ITU Workshop on ... issues in E-Government, June 6, 2003, Geneva
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science


Regulation and Certification

The Independent Testing Authorities


Accredited under the FEC/NASED voting system standards


    Test voting systems against standards
    Examine voting system software against standards

Current accredited testing authorities (1993)

    Wyle Labs -- hardware and some firmware
    Ciber, Inc -- software
    SysTest Labs -- software

Nature of testing mandated by FEC/NASED standards

    Environmental tests
        Similar to military standards

    Performance tests
        Trial election cycle

    Software code examination
        Does software look good

Voting system vendors pay for examinations and tests

    Certification result is public
    Detailed report on tests is proprietary
    State access to detailed reports is limited