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Part of a talk delivered to the ITU Workshop on ... issues in E-Government, June 6, 2003, Geneva
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science


Regulation and Certification

The State Boards of Examiners


Duties and composition determined by each state

Typical duties:

    Determine conformance of voting system to state law
    Protect against failures in the FEC/NASED process

Typical examination in the state of Iowa

    In advance, vendor submits
        System documentation
        Detailed report from testing authority

    For testing, vendor must supply
        A voting machine
        any support systems required for testing
        ballots for two example elections

    On the day of the test, the Board of Examiners
        conducts a test election

    Vendor pays cost of examination and test

The Iowa Board of Examiners for Voting Machines

    Created in 1920's
    reorganized in 1993
        add "and Electronic Voting Systems" to name

    3 members
        2 County Auditors (election commissioners)
        1 Computer professional (that's me!)