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Part of a talk delivered at Cornell College, Jan 8, 2004
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science


the Australian Ballot


Stages of ballot processing open to public observers:

* Pre-election proof that the ballot box is empty

* Admission of voters to the polling place

* Distribution of ballots to voters

* Deposit of ballots in the ballot box

* Post-election sealing the ballot box

* Canvassing center unsealing the ballot box

* Counting the ballots

    At each of these stages, public observers are welcome

Stages of ballot processing that are hard to observe:

* Transport of ballot boxes to the canvassing center

* Storage of ballots pending any recount

    These steps are done by teams composed of
    representatives of opposing parties, where
    the opposition of the team members is relied
    on to prevent collusion and fraud.

    -- Non-partisan election workers cannot be trusted
    -- Opposition cannot be guaranteed in a one-party system
    -- Opposition cannot be guaranteed with shifting coalitions

The only stage of ballot processing done in private:

The voter marks his or her ballot