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Part of a talk delivered at Cornell College, Jan 8, 2004
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science


The Threat


If we allow ourselves to trust one person:

Ron Harris, Nevada State Gaming Control Board

Convicted, 1998, for rigging gaming machines

    He was a gaming machine test engineer.
    He rigged his test fixtures to inject rigged software,
    allowing him to steal $47,000 from Nevada casinos from
    1992 to 1995. He got caught when he and confederates
    tried to "clean out" Atlantic City in one day.

Enron, Worldcom

    These corporate implosions involved auditors who had
    more to gain from consulting than from thorough audits,
    so they looked the other way when corporate executives
    created fictional profits. In sum, the auditors acting
    behalf of the shareholders, extended too much trust.