About me

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Iowa. My research interest lies in data mining and machine learning, with a focus on dynamical processes (e.g. spread of misinformation, diseases, failures) on large networks (e.g. web, population contact networks, critical infrastructures). My recent works include AI for influenza forecasting, graph mining to mitigate hospital aquired infections, e-commerce search and fraud detection, outbreak detection in hospitals, network embedding, and network structure optimization.

I am also a member of the inter-disciplinary Computational Epidemiology Group , where I primarily investigate problems motivated by public health such as propagation of diseases via contact network, forecasting outbreaks of infectious diseases, and designing optimal surveillance systems.

Prior to joining UIowa, I received my PhD in Computer Science from Virginia Tech under the supervision of Prof. B. Aditya Prakash. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Vistula University in Warsaw, Poland.


  • 03-2024: [Paper] Our paper on "End-to-End Risk-aware Reinforcement Learning to Detect Asymptomatic Cases in Healthcare Facilities" was accepted at IEEE ICHI 2024. Congratulations to my students Yongjian and Weiyu.
  • 03-2024: [Paper] Excited to Share that our paper titled "Learning to Rank Complex Biomedical Hypotheses for Accelerating Scientific Discovery" was accepted at IEEE ICHI 2024. Thanks to the collaborators from Jha lab (ECE@UIowa) for leading this effort.
  • 1-2024: [Conference] Very Excited to join the Organization Committee of IEEE BIG DATA 2024 (being held in Washington DC in December 2024) as Vice Co-Chair for Big Data Search and Mining.
  • 09-2023: [Grant] I am excited to share that our interdisciplinary team has received $500,000 NSF Collaborative Cyber-training grant. Congratulations to my collaborators Vidya Samadi (PI - Clemson University), Irbahim Demir (PI - University of Iowa), David Boyer (Co-PI - Clemson University) and Anthony Castranova (PI - CUAHSI).
  • 08-2023: [Paper] Our paper on continually adaptive representation learning framework for time-sensitive healthcare application was accepted at CIKM 2023. Congratulations to Akash and Hankyu.
  • 07-2023: [Grant] I am excited to share that our interdisciplinary team has received $1.2M NSF Smart and Connected Health grant to develop personalized hearing aids using Artificial Intelligence. Congratulations to my collaborators Octav Chipara (PI - Computer Science), Yu-Hsiang Wu (Communication Sciences and Disorders) and Inyong Choi (Communication Sciences and Disorders).
  • 06-2023: [Grant] Excited (and thankful) to share that our group (including Phil Polgreen (PI), Alberto Segre and other colleagues from the Department of Internal Medicine) has received 18 months $220,000 OVPR Interdisciplinary Scholars grant to design computational approaches for identifying Cystic Fibrosis carriers.



  • [Co-Principal Investigator] NSF Collaborative Research: CyberTraining: Implementation: Small: Inclusive Cyberinfrastructure and Machine Learning Training to Advance Water Science Research. (2023-2026). Total Amount: $500,000
  • [Co-Principal Investigator] NSF SCH: Shallow and Deep Personalization for Hearing Aids. (2023-2027). Total Amount: $1.2M
  • [Co-Investigator] UIowa OVPR Interdisciplinary Scholars Grant. (2022-2023) Total amount: $220,000


  • [Principal Investigator] UIowa OVPR Jumpstarting Tomorrow Health Disparities and Machine Learning Community Feasibility Grant. (2021-2022) Total amount: $25,000
  • [Co-Investigator] CDC MInD Healthcare Network Covid-19 Supplemental Funding. (2020-2022) Total amount:$1.2M


Email: [firstname]-[lastname]@uiowa.edu

Office: 258 MH