"MING" -- Download and source codes

Ying-Qing Wu

System requirement.
Ming is written in Open Inventor, Motif, and C++. It runs only on Sillicon Graphics computers.

Download the program now. (File name: ming.tar. Size: 318K.)
After downloading, untar the file using the command "tar -xvf ming.tar". This will create a folder ming containing four items: A README file, an executable file "ming", a folder "knots" containing the data files of several knots, and a folder "src" containing all the source files of the program.

Source codes
The folder src in the ming folder contains the following files:
  1. README: A short readme file.
  2. help.h: A header file used by the "help" menu of the programs.
  3. class.h: Contains the definition of classes.
  4. makefile: Makefile file.
  5. main.c++: Contains procedures related to knot drawing using OpenInventor.
  6. ming.c++: The core of the program. This part contains the energy minimizing process and all the related mathematical calculation.
  7. menu.c++: Contains the motif codes used to create the control board and menus of the program.
  8. writer.c++: A procedure used to create postscript file of the knot picture. Copied from the KED program with permission from Kenny Hunt.