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OCaml On-Line Resources

On the OCaml System

[Lab] The OCaml System in Our Labs.
How to access the various installation of the intereactice OCaml compiler in our instructional labs.

[Inria] The Caml Language.
Official site of Caml and OCaml.

[Ler] The Objective Caml system, by Xavier Leroy et al.
Documentation and user's manual.

[Gayl] Camelia, by Nathan Gaylinn.
A simple but effective IDE for OCaml, especially recommended for OCaml beginners. Available for Unix, Windows and Mac OS.

[Coh] Tuareg, by Albert Cohen.
Recommended Emacs and Xemacs mode for OCaml.

On the OCaml Language

[Smi] Introduction to Caml, by Scott Smith, The Johns Hopkins University.
Nice tutorial on Caml, the non-objected-oriented fragment of OCaml.

[Hic] Introduction to the Objective Caml Programming Language, by Jason Hickey, California Institute of Technology.
An excellent short book on OCaml.

[Cha] Developing Applications With Objective Caml, by Emmanuel Chailloux et al., O'Reilly France.
Extensive text on Ocaml programming.

[Wik] Objective CAML Tutorial, by various authors.
Wiki tutorial on OCaml for the C/C++/Java programmer.

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2006