Note on Stata setup for StatWeave -- June 23, 2009

The test files for Stata -- Stata-test.swv  and Stata-test-swv.odt -- provided on this site were modified on June 23, 2009.  Previous versions of the test files (downloaded before June 23, 2009) will not work with StatWeave version 0.90_16 and later under its default configuration.

The reason is that the driver that handles Stata programs was modified in a way that improves its performance iin many ways, but at the cost of being able to handle program blocks correctly -- and the old test files included a program example.

The old driver is still available if you want it: Using the configuration dialog, change the key Stata.class to rvl.swv.StataEnginePP -- this driver processes Stata programs in two stages, the second one involving cleaning all command lines out of the results.  This causes incorrect displaying of the results of the do command, since the commands that should be displayed are suppressed; but it does allow program blocks.