Files and Folders

It is essential that you name your folders and files exactly as specified. We will run checks like

cd HW1
Rscript -e 'rmarkdown::render("hw1.Rmd")'

from the top of a clone of your repository. If the folders and files are not named exactly as specified these checks will fail and your work will not be graded.

Rmarkdown Usage and Coding Style

Make sure you are using Rmarkdown properly, with explanatory texts surrounding short code chunks. In particular you should not have just one big code chunk.

Your Rmarkdown code and your R code should be readable, and the R code should follow the coding standards. This makes maintaining your code and document easier.

Your rendered HTML page should be a report with text supporting numerical and graphical results. Code only needs to be visible if you are explaining how to do something (which is a goal of the class notes).

You can use chunk options to hide code and show only results. For example, the chunk

```{r, echo = FALSE}

will show only the plot and not the code:

The text should be all your own, not stray material from templates.

Name and Date

Make sure your Rmarkdown file header contains a name: field with your name; a date: field with an appropriate date is also useful.

Your header should look something like this:

title: "HW1"
output: html_document
name: "Your  Name"
date: "January 21, 2019"