1. Edit your README.md File

Take possession of your GitHub repository in the course organization on the UIowa GitHub server.

Add a few lines to the README.md file, commit your changes, and push them to your remote repository.

2. Create and Edit a Simple Rmarkdown File

Create a new folder called HW1 in your repository. Use exactly this spelling with upper case letters. It is probably more reliable to do this with R’s dir.create function or using a shell than trying to get RStudio to do it.

In this folder, create a new Rmarkdown file called hw1.Rmd. Again use exactly this spelling. RStudio will give you a template, or you can use the one available here. Commit your new file to your repository. (If you are using git in a shell you will need to use git add before git commit).

3. Histograms

Read the help available for the hist function (type ?help) and look at the examples (type example(hist)). Also read the help available for the faithful data frame.

Edit your hw1.Rmd file to briefly describe this data set and show

You can extract a particular variable from a data frame using $; for example faithful$waiting.

Your final hw1.Rmd file should only contain your new work, not any of the template text.

4. Create an HTML File and Commit Your Work

You can create an HTML file in RStudio using the Knit tab on the editor window. You can also use the R command


Commit your changes to your hw1.Rmd file to your local git repository.

Submit Your Work

Submit your work by pushing your local repository changes to your remote repository. To grade your assignment we will run your hw1.Rmd file and look at the resulting hw1.html file.