Look at the brief introduction to git or the beginning of if you still need to do any of this.

Option 1: Use Rstudio

Option 2: Using the Shell

Ouline Using RStudio

Connecting to your GitHub Repository

  • Make sure your SSH keys are set up and registered with the UI GitHub.

  • If you are off-campus make sure your VPN is running.

  • Find the URL for your repository.

  • Go to File > New Project > Version Control > Git and create a new project.

  • Modify your file, stage, and commit locally.

  • Push to GitHub.

Creating and Submitting an Assignment

  • Create a new folder HW1; you can do this in the Files panel.

  • Create a new R Markdown document hw1.Rmd using File > New File > R Markdown.

  • Edit, preview, stage, and commit locally.

  • Push to GitHub.

Some Notes