Computer Security, Spring 2007

Part of the 22C:169, Computer Security Collection
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

Lectures are at 12:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Room 2217 Seamens Center. Note: This course outline is very tentative and subject to change

Wed Jan 17 Overview of Computer Security (Wikipedia)
Fri Jan 19 Language Level inSecurity
Mon Jan 22 Activation Records on the Stack
Wed Jan 24 Buffer Overflow Attacks (Wikipedia)
Fri Jan 26 A complete attack example
Mon Jan 29 Memory Management Units and Unix [last free add drop]
Wed Jan 31 The Unix/Linux system interface
Fri Feb 2 What is a System Call
Mon Feb 5 Passing parameters to system calls
Wed Feb 7 The need for parameter validation
Fri Feb 9 Unix Shell Programming
Mon Feb 12 Shell Injection Attacks
Wed Feb 14 Class Cancelled -- see notes
Fri Feb 16 Guest Lecture by Eunjin Jung
Mon Feb 19 The Unix File System
Wed Feb 21 Access Rights
Fri Feb 23 The Access Matrix
Mon Feb 26 Access Control Lists and Capabilty Lists
Wed Feb 28 Dynamic Protection Mechanisms
Fri Mar 2
Mon Mar 5 Midterm Exam
Wed Mar 7 Cryptography (Wikipedia) [midterm day]
Fri Mar 9 Random Thoughts
-- Spring Break --
Mon Mar 19 From Checksums to Secure Hash Functions
Wed Mar 21 Trapdoor Functions [Guest Lecture?]
Fri Mar 23 [Guset Lecture?]
Mon Mar 26 Trapdoors, Cookies and Amoeba
Wed Mar 28
Mon Mar 26 Diffie Hellman Key Exchange
Fri Mar 30 Public Key Cryptography
Mon Apr 2 Smart Cards and Thumb Drives [last undergraduate drop]
Wed Apr 4 Smart Card and Thumb Drive Applications [Passover day 2]
Fri Apr 6 Smart Card Internals and Vulnerabilities [Good Friday]
Mon Apr 9 Visual Cryptography [Passover day 7]
Wed Apr 11 Punchscan Voting
Fri Apr 13 Threat Analysis
Mon Apr 16 Hierarchic Security [preregistration begins]
Wed Apr 18 The OSI network model (Wikipedia)
Fri Apr 20 Routers and Firewalls
Mon Apr 23 From Firewalls to Honeypots
Wed Apr 25 Disaster Planning
Fri Apr 27 Red Herrings
Mon Apr 30
Wed May 2
Fri May 4 Review
Mon May 7 FINAL EXAM, 7:30 AM, 2217 SC