Lecture Schedule and Readings

Part of CS:2820, Object-Oriented Software Development, Spring 2019
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:30 22 SH and 1:30 110 MLH

M Jan 14 About this course and Text: the Introduction
W Jan 16 Text: Introduction to Objects
F Jan 18 Text: Everything is an Object
W Jan 23 Modeling a Road Network [Add deadline, Jan 21]
F Jan 25 Simulation and Digital Logic
M Jan 28 Text: Operators
W Jan 30 Text: Controlling Execution, [No class, very very cold day]
F Feb 1 Incremental development
M Feb 4 Text: Initialization and Cleanup
W Feb 6 Text: Access Control Example: RoadNetwork.java
F Feb 8 Search, Definition Errors
M Feb 11 Text: Reusing Classes Example: RoadNetwork.java and tests (script)
W Feb 13 Text: Polymorphism
F Feb 15 Text: Creating Subclasses RoadNetwork.java and tests (script)
M Feb 18 Regular Expressions (Notes)
W Feb 20 Abstract Classes
F Feb 22 No lecture, Midterm Exam I in discussion. [Degree application deadline]
M Feb 25 Wasted Computation
W Feb 27 Text: Interfaces & Inner Classes (p. 311)
F Mar 1 Lambda RoadNetwork.java and tests (script)
M Mar 4 Text: Holding Objects (p. 389) [summer session early registration begins] RoadNetwork.java and tests (script)
W Mar 6 Discrete Event Simulation and the Pending Event Set [Ash Wednesday (Christian)]
F Mar 8 Building a simulation class Simulation
M Mar 11 Building a simulation [Clean Monday (Orthodox Christian)]
W Mar 13 More building a simulation Incomplete example: RoadNetwork.java
F Mar 15 Yet More building a simulation and randomness
M Mar 25 And Even More building a simulation
W Mar 27 Abuse of Class Hierarchy. Example: RoadNetwork.java (almost working)
F Mar 29 Discussing MP4 Working example: RoadNetwork.java a test file: RoadNetwork.java
M Apr 1 Breaking Up the Source File. [drop deadline] [April Fools Day]
W Apr 3 Review
F Apr 5 No lecture, Midterm Exam II in discussion.
M Apr 8 Javadoc [Fall early registration]
W Apr 10 Alternative Simulation Frameworks
F Apr 12 Starting to Change the Framework New framework: Simulation.java
M Apr 15 Changing the Simulation Framework New framework: Simulation.java [withdraw deadline]
W Apr 17 Too many files!
F Apr 19 [Good Friday (Western Christian)]
M Apr 22 How Nesting Works in Java [Passover III (Jewish)]
W Apr 24 Process-Oriented Simulation [Passover V]
F Apr 26 Interprocess Interaction [Passover VII] [Holy Friday (Eastern Christian)]
M Apr 29 Virtual Machines and VM Hierarchies
W May 1 Operating Systems, Networks and Cookies. [May Day (Pagan, Socialist)]
F May 7 Review [the end]
Th May 9, 427 EPB, 3-5 PM Tentative FINAL EXAM