Isabel K. Darcy

Associate Professor
   Department of Mathematics,    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
   Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences,   Graduate College
University of Iowa


Office: B1H MLH
Office Phone: (319) 335-0778
Fax: (319) 335-0627
E-mail: idarcybiomath AT gmail dot com

Online course, Fall 2013, MATH:7450:0EXW Topics in Topology: Scientific and Engineering Applications of Algebraic Topology

Participants will have the opportunity to analyze real data in collaboration with those who generated the data, with the goal of publishing at least one article on your results. Alternatively one can develop new software or create teaching material. This course will be individualized to meet the interests and background of each participant.

Participants can take the course for FREE or they can sign up for official credit through a Big Ten university. See course website for more information.

Topological Problems in Molecular Biology, American Mathematical Society Central Section Special Session and lead-in Workshop, March 16-20, 2011

Research (includes publications)

Teaching (includes links to previous courses taught)

Teaching next semester:

          MATH:3900:0001 Introduction to Mathematics Research: Data Visualization with TDA mapper 11:00A - 12:15P TTh 105 MLH, Spring 2018
          MATH:7450:0001 Data Visualization with TDA mapper 9:30A - 10:45A TTh 105 MLH, Spring 2018

Teaching this semester:

          MATH:2560:0081 Engineer Math IV: Differential Equations 4:30P - 5:20P MWF 218 MLH, Fall 2017
          MATH:2560:0091 Engineer Math IV: Differential Equations 5:30P - 6:20P MWF 110 MLH, Fall 2017


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