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What hardware do I need?
All current applications run on Windows 7 multitouch Tablet PCs. We have developed and tested them on a Dell XT2. It supports up to four simultaneous touches. We have also tested the applications on an HP tx2. While less expensive, this model only supports up to two simultaneous touches, which limits some of the activities.

Other manufacturers have released low-cost Windows 7 multitouch tablets. We have tested our software on the HP Slate 500. Its multitouch support is excellent. The problem with this model is that it uses the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500. In Windows 7, the Intel driver for this hardware does not support OpenGL 2.0, something that we need to run our software and that is also widely used in video games. However, there is a workaround by installing a driver designed for Windows XP that does support OpenGL 2.0. While this is not officially santioned by HP or Intel, it has worked for us. If you google "gma500 opengl driver xpdm iegd" you can find the driver. Installing it requires technical expertise. We hope Intel will soon release better drivers for Windows 7.

Can I run your applications on my iPad?
No, we do not currently have iPad compatible versions. When we began our work, the iPad had not even been announced. However, we are aware of similar software available for iPads. You could use that software while following the activities presented in this website. If you are interested in developing open source versions of our applications for the iPad, please let us know.

The touchscreen is not responsive. What can I do?
First, try restarting your computer. If that doesn't solve the problem, go under Start->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->N-trig Pen and Touch Settings, and press the Reset button.

I'm having trouble with the pen or stylus
-The hardness at which the computer pen is pressed down does not control the width of the line. If you or your child is having difficulty drawing, moving the pen more slowly can be helpful.
-Be careful not to press the buttons on the computer pen.
-Be careful with the pen; it has an internal sharp piece and can be screwed apart by children’s fingers.

Can I use the pen and fingers at the same time?
No, when the pen is in use, input from the fingers is ignored. So, to work with multiple players at once, only use your fingers.

I like programming and want to modify the applications, can I do that?
Yes, please see our repository for the source code.

I have a press related question.
Please direct your communication to Prof. Juan Pablo Hourcade at Juan Pablo Hourcade at

Why are these applications free and open source?
With the growing diagnosis of ASD, we were surprised to find few and limited free resources for parents and educators. We have been fortunate to find a supportive community in Iowa with high parental involvement and also many parents who work with information technology, along with supportive ASD programs in schools and ASD afterschool programming.

I would like to share my story of using your software.
We hope to feature stories on our website in the future. Please e-mail Prof. Juan Pablo Hourcade at Juan Pablo Hourcade at

I found a bug, have comments, questions, or concerns not discussed here.
Please email Prof. Juan Pablo Hourcade at Juan Pablo Hourcade at

Questions? Contact Prof. Juan Pablo Hourcade at