Digital Technologies and Marginalized Youth:
Reducing the Gap

IDC 09 Workshop, June 3, 2009, Como, Italy

Summary from organizers

Edith Ackermann, Fran├žoise Decortis, Juan Pablo Hourcade and Heidi Schelhowe
Cultural coding and de-coding as ways of participation: digital media for marginalized young people

Accepted papers

Jan Dekelver, University College Kempen (Belgium)
Wouter Van den Bosch, University College Mechelen (Belgium)
Social software and the social inclusion of marginalized youngsters

Michele Frix, Jay Freistadt, Philip Neff and Joyojeet Pal
School of Information, University of Washington (USA)
New institutions and transformations: computers and youth in low-income urban Guatemala and Brazil

Ilse Marschalek and Elisabeth Unterfrauner
Centre for Social Innovation, Vienna (Austria)
Social inclusion of young marginalised people through online mobile communities

Elisabeth Unterfrauner and Ilse Marschalek
Centre for Social Innovation, Vienna (Austria)
ICT and mobile phones as resources for marginalised youth

Emanuela Mazzone, Emmanuelle Gutierrez, Carmen Barrera and Jesus G. Boticario
Artificial Intelligence Department, UNED (Spain)
E-training to enable inclusion of young people with intellectual disabilities in working environments

Jill Palzkill Woelfer and David G. Hendry
The Information School, University of Washington (USA)
Creating a community technology center for homeless young people: preliminary experience report

Janet Read, Matthew Horton, Emanuela Mazzone, Brendan Cassidy and Lorna McKnight
Child Computer Interaction Group, University of Central Lancashire (UK)
Designing for Mr. Hippo - Introducing concepts of marginalization to children designers

Nitin Sawhney, MIT Visual Arts Program, Department of Architecture, MIT (USA)
Voices beyond walls: the role of digital storytelling for empowering marginalized youth in refugee camps

Maria Joao Silva, Instituto Politecnico do Porto (Portugal)
Cristina Azevedo Gomes, Instituto Politecnico de Viseu (Portugal)
Eduarda Ferreira, Escola Sebastiao da Gama (Portugal)
Fostering inclusion in Portuguese schools: key lessons from ICT projects

Heather Underwood, Clint Tseng, Charlotte Robinson, Sunil Garg, Meera Lakshmanan, Richard Anderson and Joyojeet Pal
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington (USA)
MultiMath: using numeric keypads to utilize limited computer resources for education