A Boundary Integral Equation Package

BIEPACK is a package of programs, written in Fortran 77, which can be used to solve integral equations defined over a surface S in R3. The package contains two kinds of programs. First, utility programs are given to help with the creation and refinement of triangulations over the surface of S, numerical integration, interpolation, and approximation over S, and approximation of S using quadratic interpolation. Other utilities are also included. The second kind of program in the package is to carry out the solution of particular types of integral equations. For example, the program neumann_ell.f solves a second kind integral equation that is a reformulation of the exterior Neumann problem for Laplace's equation over an ellipse, and the program is easily modified for other surfaces.

Two versions of the package have been released, the first in 1993 and the second in 1998. Both are available.

  1. An introduction to both Version #1 and Version #2 of the program package, describing the different means of obtaining the package. Any comments on the new Version #2 are much appreciated. Links to obtaining the programs are given here, either as a tar file or as individual Fortran programs.
    For a link to the introduction in Serbo-Croatian (by Jovana Milutinovich), click here.
  2. The user's guide for Version #1.
  3. The user's guide for Version #2.  
  4. For the Fortran programs in Version #2, click here.