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Midwest Representation Theory Conference

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, March 11–13, 2022

The 45th Midwest Representation Theory Conference will address recent progress in the theory of representations for groups over non-archimedean local fields, and connections of this theory to other areas within mathematics, notably number theory and geometry.

If you like to participate, please apply by February 14 (which allows you to apply for funding as well, if desired). We are grateful to the National Science Foundation for their financial support.

The application for contributed talks is now closed.

Shantanu Agarwal (University of Iowa)
Alexander Bertoloni Meli (University of Michigan)
Cheng Chen (University of Minnesota)
Rahul Dalal (Johns Hopkins University)
Melissa Emory (University of Toronto)
Paulina Fust (University of Duisburg-Essen)
David Goldberg (Purdue University)
Miao (Pam) Gu (Duke University)
Alexander Hazeltine (Purdue University)
Karol Koziol (University of Michigan)
Chi-Heng Lo (Purdue University)
Elizabeth Milićević (Haverford College)
Rachel Ollivier (University of British Columbia)
Carsten Peterson (University of Michigan)
Freydoon Shahidi (Purdue University)

View from Stephen's office

Group photo 1: Virtual participants

Group photo 2: In-person participants

Organizers: Stephen DeBacker (Michigan), Jessica Fintzen (Cambridge/Duke), Muthu Krishnamurthy (Iowa), Loren Spice (Texas Christian University).