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Future Directions

Lisp-Stat was first release in 1989. It has been used for data analysis, as a research tool, and for implementing several larger projects (e. g. [2]; [9]). Based on experience gained from this use, the system is currently being redesigned. The redesign is evolutionary, with backward compatibility a major objective. The redesign project can be divided into six major segments: the basic Lisp system, data representation and operating system issues, the object system, the graphical system, the statistical component, and the user interface. Some more details are given in Tierney [6].

A projects page lists recent developments and work in progress.

A talk on ``New Developments in Lisp-Stat'' was presented at the 1998 Interface meeting in Minneapolis. Slides are available as a gziped postscript file. The proceedings paper is available as an html document and as a gziped postscript file.

Luke Tierney