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More Advanced X11 Features

You can have XLISP-STAT use an alternate display for its graphics by setting the DISPLAY environment variable before starting XLISP-STAT. At present this is the only way to set an alternate display. You can specify alternate fonts and a few other options using the X11 resource management facilities. Resources controlling appearance are

There are also a few experimental options controlling performance. These are

By default all three options are are on. That seems to give the best performance on a Sun 3/50. It may not be the best choice on other workstations. You can also use the function x11-options to change these three options from within XLISP-STAT. The fastlines option will not take effect immediately when changed this way but will affect the next plot created. The other two options do take effect immediately.

Luke Tierney
Tue Jan 21 15:04:48 CST 1997