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  The Macintosh version of XLISP-STAT includes a simple editor for preparing data files and function definitions. To edit an existing file select the Open Edit item on the File menu; to start a new file select New Edit. Other commands on the File menu can be used to save your file and to revert back to the saved version. The editor can only handle text files of less than 32K characters. As in the listener window, hitting the tab key in any line but the first of a multiline expression will indent the expression to a reasonable point. The editor also allows you to select a section of text representing one or more Lisp expressions and have these evaluated. To do this select the expressions you want to evaluate and then choose Eval Selection from the Edit menu. The returned values are not available, so this is only useful for producing side effects, such as defining variables or functions.

Luke Tierney
Tue Jan 21 15:04:48 CST 1997