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Loading Files

  The data for the examples and exercises in this tutorial have been stored on files with names ending in .lsp. On the XLISP-STAT distribution disk they can be found in the folder Data. Any variables you save (see the next subsection for details) will also be saved on files of this form. The data in these files can be read into XLISP-STAT with the load function. To load   a file named randu.lsp type the expression

(load "randu.lsp")
or just
(load "randu")
If you give load a name that does not end in .lsp then load will add this suffix. Alternatively, you can use the Load command in the File menu. After loading a file using the File menu Load item the system does not print a prompt. Instead it prints a message indicating that the load is done:
> ; loading "temp.lsp"
; finished loading "temp.lsp"

Luke Tierney
Tue Jan 21 15:04:48 CST 1997