Students registered for this class are expected to complete a class project. You can work on this project on your own or in a group of up to three students. Your project should represent about 10 hours of work on developing a visual analysis of a data set of your choosing. Due dates for a one page proposal and for your final project are listed on the homework page. Your project may be shared with the class through the class web page.

Coosing a Topic

If you have not yet identified a topis you can look at some of the Case Studies listed in the introduction of Introduction to Data Science Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R. Looking at the examples in Data Visualization and in Fundamentals of Data Visualization may also provide ideas.

The Tidy Tuesday Projects are another good source for ideas and data sets. The Data Sources link on the class Resources page provides links to a number of other data sources.

Some sample projects from previous classes:

Submitting Your Proposal