Kadison-Singer from mathematical physics: An introduction

This is a contribution to the webpage for an AIM 2006 Workshop on the Kadison-Singer Problem. The posted text will become a permanent Introduction for the record. The current version is written by Palle Jorgensen, following lectures at the meeting by Dick Kadison. The Introduction stresses how the mathematical context and the problem itself grew out of conceptual issues in quantum mechanics.

Editorial comment by Palle Jorgensen:

This is a draft of the Intro to the Kadison-Singer IMA website. It grew out of a workshop at the AIM institute (with NSF support) in Palo Alto in September, 2006.

Part of the workshop program is the creation of a permanent AIM website for the Kadison-Singer Problem, and I was assigned to write the first draft of an Introduction.

Several things guided me:

This current draft is a "live" document and is likely to undergo a few more iterations.
Palle E. T. Jorgensen

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