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Part of a talk delivered to the ITU Workshop on ... issues in E-Government, June 6, 2003, Geneva
by Douglas W. Jones
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science


Weaknesses of the System in the United States

Pervasive Problems


Certification process dominated by election officials

    NASED - state election directors
    FEC - commissioners appointed by president and congress
    state boards -- operate under election directors
    Iowa board -- 2/3 county commissioners of elections

Almost universal response of election officials:

    Deny that there is any problem
    Public confidence more important than technical merit

Standards development dominated by equipment vendors

    They have the resources to attend every meeting

    They can afford to write detailed critiques of drafts

    Vendor interests are not necessarily public interests
        Vendors protect proprietary interests
        Vendors discourage public debate of technical merit

    Vendors have close relationships with state officials
        This is natural but dangerous