Computational Logic Mini-Symposium, May 2013

The room is 103 Schaeffer Hall for all talks except Frank's comprehensive exam.

Tuesday, May 21

2pm-3pm. The Structural Theory of Pure Type Systems
Cody Roux (CMU).

3pm-3:45pm. Migrating the TPTP World to Starexec
Muhammad Nassar (U. Miami).

Wednesday, May 22

10:30am-12:00pm, room UCC-2390-Exec. Lambda Encoding, Types, and Confluence (comprehensive exam)
Frank (Peng) Fu (U. Iowa)

2pm-3:45pm. Dualized Intuitionistic Logic and Dualized Type Theory
Aaron Stump, Harley Eades III, Ryan McCleeary (U. Iowa)

Thursday, May 23

2-2:45pm. On the Degeneration of the Routley-Meyer Semantics for Relevant Logics
Harley Eades III (U. Iowa)

2:45pm-3:45pm. Taming the Wildcards: Combining Definition- and Use-Site Variance
John Altidor (U. Mass. Amherst)

Friday, May 24

2pm-2:40pm. New User Interfaces for Coq
Ben Berman (U. Iowa)

2:40pm-3:20pm. An OO Approach to Program Analysis using JastAdd Attribute Grammars
John Altidor (U. Mass. Amherst)

3:20pm-4pm. Model-Based Quantifier Reasoning in CVC4
Andy Reynolds (U. Iowa)

From left to right: Harley Eades III, Cesare Tinelli, Ryan McCleeary, Aaron Stump, Cody Roux, John Altidor, Andy Reynolds, Muhammad Nassar, Christoph Sticksel, Frank (Peng) Fu.