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Current Teaching at UIowa:

Math 5600, Nonlinear Dynamics with Numerical Methods, Fall 2019
Math 6600, Ordinary Differential Equations I, Fall 2019

Previous Teaching:

Math 2550, Calculus III, Spring 2019
Math 1860, Calculus II, Fall 2018

Topics in Mathematical Modeling - Mathematical Neuroscience, Fall 2017, Princeton University
Applied Dynamical Systems, co-teaching with Prof. Clarence W. Rowley, Fall 2016, Princeton University
Nonlinear Systems, Spring 2016, Princeton University

Math 151, Calculus I, Fall 2012, Rutgers University
Math 152, Calculus II, Fall 2011, Rutgers University
Math 135, Calculus I, Spring 2011, Rutgers University
Math 151, Calculus I, Fall 2010, Rutgers University
Math 336, Dynamical Models in Biology, Fall 2010, Rutgers University