Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business

22M:017:AAA, spring 2014

Instructor: Professor Ye

Syllabus and daily schedule for 22M:017:AAA

Meetings and Class Rooms

Lecture AAA: 9:30A-10:20A MWF AUD MH.

Discussion Session A02: 7:30A-8:20A TTh 221 MLH. (Course ID: ) Cole Stiegler
Discussion Session A03: 8:30A-9:20A TTh 66 SH. (Course ID: ) Ze Zhao
Discussion Session A04: 8:30A-9:20A TTh 132 MH. (Course ID: ) Josiah B. Smalley
Discussion Session A07: 12:30P-1:20P TTh 316 NH. (Course ID: ) Jesse A. Hamer
Discussion Session A08: 7:30A-8:20A TTh 218 MLH. (Course ID: ) Ze Zhao
Discussion Session A09: 2:00P-2:50P TTh 214 MLH. (Course ID: ) Suhui Liu
Discussion Session A10: 3:30P-4:20P TTh 60 SH. (Course ID: ) Jesse A. Hamer
Discussion Session A12: 2:00P-2:50P TTh 213 MLH. (Course ID: ) Kyle J. Czarnecki
Discussion Session A13: 3:30P-4:20P TTh 51 SH. (Course ID: ) James E. Tipton
Discussion Session A15: 5:00P-5:50P TTh 217 MLH. (Course ID: ) Juan P. Murillo Pacheco
Discussion Session A16: 11:00A-11:50A TTh 1100 UCC. (Course ID: ) Gerard D. Koffi
Discussion Session A18: 12:30P-1:20P TTh 102 SL. (Course ID: ) Hanqin Cai
Discussion Session A19: 8:30A-9:20A TTh 221 MLH. (Course ID: ) Cole Stiegler
Discussion Session A21: 12:30P-1:20P TTh 200 CC. (Course ID: ) Josiah B. Smalley
Midterm Exam I:
Thursday, February 27, 2013, 6:30P-8:30P.
Classroom: AUD MH.
Midterm Exam II:
Thursday, April 24, 2013, 6:30P-8:30P.
Classroom: AUD MH.
Final Exam: TBA

Required Textbook and Required MyMathLab Access Code Options

Calculus with Applications, Brief Version plus MyMathLab/MyStatLab -- Access Card Package, 10/E
Margaret Lial, Raymond N. Greenwell and Nathan P. Ritchey
Publisher: Pearson. Copyright: 2012

The bound book paired with MyMathLab, estimate of retail price: $184, ISBN-13: 9780321760012.
A three-hope punch (loose leaf) paired with MyMathLab and an extra Lial chapter on matrix algebra, estimate of retail price: $113, ISBN-13: 978269434416.
A code that provides access to the eText and MyMathLab, estimate of retail price: $110. If purchase directly from $91.30. ISBN-13: 9780321199911.

Matrix Algebra Supplement
To be uploaded to ICON, free of charge.

MyMathLab website:

Remark on textbook and access code options:
You have to get an access code and a copy of the 10th edition book, either a paper copy or an etext. You cannot use any older editions. You cannot take the course without an access code. You cannot use an access code which has been used. You don't need a student solution manual.

Required Equipment

A scientific calculator with logarithmic and exponential functions but WITHOUT graphing and programing capacities is required and allowed for assignments, quizzes and exams. A graphing calculator such as Texas Instruments TI-82 through 89 (any model) is NOT allowed in quizzes and exams.

Course Announcement

First day of class: Please go to your discussion session on Tuesday, January 21. Your TA and a representative from the publisher of the textbook will give you important course information and show you how to navigate the online component of the course on I will see everyone of you on Wednesday, January 22, at 9:30am in AUD MH.