Number Theory Xi'an 2011 - Workshop on Number Theory

Northwest University, Xi'an, China

June 19-26, 2011

List of Invited Speakers

Corinne Blondel (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu)

Keqin Feng (Tsinghua University)

Solomon Friedberg (Boston College)

Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia University)

Chaohua Jia (Institute of Mathematics)

Kezheng Li (Capital Normal University)

Yangbo Ye (The University of Iowa)

Wenpeng Zhang (Northwest University)


Zhefeng Xu (Northwest University)
Yangbo Ye (The University of Iowa)

Academic Programs

Corinne Blondel: An introduction to representation theory of p-adic groups
Keqin Feng: Cryptographic Properties of Boolean Functions --- an application on estimation of incomplete character sums.
Solomon Friedberg: Professor Solomon Friedberg will give a series of lectures on The Langlands Conjectures and Automorphic Forms on GL(n). Topics will be selected from: Artin L-functions; Langlands Functoriality; Automorphic Forms on GL(n); L-Functions.
Dorian Goldfeld: Professor Dorian Goldfeld will give four lectures on the adelic group GL(2,A_Q), automorphic forms for GL(2,A_Q), adelic automorphic representations for GL(2,A_Q), the Poisson summation formula for GL(2,A_Q), Haar measure, the global zeta integral and its factorization for GL(2,A_Q), and the Godement-Jacquet L-function for GL(2,A_Q). These lectures are from Chapters 4, 5 and 11 of his book.
Chaohua Jia:
Kezheng Li:
Yangbo Ye: He will give two lectures on p-adic and adelic integration and Fourier transform, Fourier expansion of periodic adelic functions, and adelic Poisson summation formula, based on Sections 1.5-1.9 of Goldfeld's upcoming book.
Wenpeng Zhang: Character sums and Dirichlet L-functions.


If you are interested in attending this Conference, please email the organizers.


To attend the workshop, please plan on arriving on June 19 and departing on June 26.


If you are not a Chinese citizen, you will need an entry visa to China. Please email the organizers to get a formal invitation letter.