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    A Satellite Conference of ICM 2002, Beijing

    (Second Announcement)

    Time: August 12 -- 16, 2002
    Location: Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an, CHINA

    In conjunction with the next International Congress of Mathematicians (Beijing, 8/20--28, 2002), we are organizing a week-long Conference in Geometric Topology as one of its satellite conferences. It will be held during the week before ICM 2002, at Shaanxi Normal University in the historic city XI'AN in northwest China, with support coming from various sources including the National Science Foundation of China.

    This Conference in Geometric Topology is aimed at reflecting the current state of the art in the study of low dimensional topology and related subjects. The specific range of topics we intend to cover is well represented by the interests of the members of the advisory committee. Please use the links on the left to find information about the conference, including the list of plenary speakers.

    Xi'an is a very attractive tourist city because of the famous Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, as well as many other historical museums, pagodas, and temples. See the web page Warrior Tours for more information.

    The price for a round trip ticket may be around $1000 or $1200 from Chicago to Xi'an, and a little less from Los Angelas. The exact level of support for each participant is hard to determine at this moment, but the Organizing Committee will try its best to cover local expenses (room and board) for as many participants as possible.

    If you decide to come, please fill out the online registration form, which is necessary for the conference to issue required documents for you to apply for a visa.

    We expect this conference to be an enjoyable and mathematically exciting meeting, and we are looking forward to seeing you at Xi'an.

    The Organizing Committee