Help Schedule Spring 2017

KDS Engineering Math 2 Photos Grades and other information on ICON

KDS in room 125 M MacLean Hall as below or by private appointment (send eMail with suggested times.)
Course-specific Help is available in 125 MLH:

  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9:30   PP        
10:30   (staff mtg) KDS (seminar) XC MK
11:30     KDS   HR  
12:30   Lect 101BBE AW Lect 101BBE AW Lect 101BBE
1:30   Lect W290CB TS, AW Lect W290CB   Lect W290CB
2:30     AW KB    


Evening PP (6-7) XC 6-9 IB (7-9)   TS (8-9)  

Staff for Help Hours:

Xinwei Chen, Hassan Rafique, Katie Burke, Tyler Schroeder, Melanie King, Puttipong Pontanapaisan, Adam Wood, Imad Bakhira

General help in the Math Tutorial Lab.

Times with TAs who have taught the course (TAs with the green dots on their badge have taught Eng Math II.)

Help from the Engineering Tutoring Center.

Open time in 117MLH