Interactive Multivariable Calculus

Interactive Multivariable Calculus

Materials for multivariable calculus that use "live" graphs and computing to help students learn and apply this core subject to a variety of disciplines.  The text presents the traditional subject and the electronic version includes all the print material plus animations of basic topics, additional examples, and computing assignments that go beyond the basic topics.

Introduction and table of contents.

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To view the "live" files in the materials above you must open them with Mathematica or the free Wolfram CDF Player program. New to Mathematica? There is an online beginning tutorial at Mathematica Tutorial. The Mathematica Primer in the eText will also help get you started.

Interactive Graphs

Multivariable calculus combines basic calculus and analytical geometry to study higher dimensional problems.

The interactive program on the left shows the plane tangent to an explicit surface. If you magnify the surface at the point of tangency (or "zoom in"), the surface and the tangent plane look more and more alike.


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This development was begun in 1999 with an NSF "Proof of Concept" award.