Quiz 2, 9/6

Consider the dynamic version of the RecordDB class just described. In this implementation, the array of records ls always doubled whenever there is an overflow. It might be better to give the user the freedom to determine the amount by which to expand the array. This can be implemented to adding an int data member, let us call this amountExpand, to the class to keep track of the amount by which the user wants the array to be expanded in case of an overflow. The default value of amountExpand could be 1. Note that whenever there is an overflow, maxRecords should be set to

	maxRecords + amountExpand*maxRecords
In case, amountExpand is 1, then the array would double in size.

Add a member function called setAmountExpand that can change amountExpand to whatever the user wants. Do not bother with error checking (for example, if the user wants to do strange things such as set setAmountExpand to 0 or a negative integer value).

When you are done, place the updated DynamicRecordDB.java in the dropbox for quiz2.