StatWeave -- Old (June 2008) beta version

StatWeave is software whereby you can embed statistical code (e.g., SAS, R, Stata, etc.) into a LaTeX or OpenOffice document.  After running StatWeave, the code listing, output, and graphs are added to the document.  The software is written in Java and runs on all platforms for which a Java virtual machine (JVM, version 1.5 or highher) is available; and it is [ossible to extend StatWeave to add support for new statistical programs and file formats.
This is still under development; there are some rough edges, but it works pretty well.  To try it out., download and unpack the file  Then look at the appropriate Readme file:

Folders in the archive:

The separate file gives the source code and the javadoc documentation of the Java classes.

Accompanying files COPYING, CHANGELOG, and BUGS describe licensing and development issues. To see the date of the most recent update, see CHANGELOG. The date stamp on these files reflects when it was most recently packaged.

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Russell V. Lenth
Dept. of Statistics
University of Iowa


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