Text Retrieval & Text Mining Journal Club

Spring 2014

Time: Mondays 4 to 6 pm

Place: 30 Schaeffer Hall

(Here is a map showing the building location).


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Goal: To study current papers from journals and conference proceedings in text retrieval and text mining. Examples of problems include topic models, web retrieval and web mining, ranking strategies, ambiguity resolution, knowledge discovery, web phenomenon including social networks, information extraction and text classification. The reading group is lead by Professor Padmini Srinivasan. Interested students (from beginning to advanced students) and faculty are invited to participate in the reading group. Participation format is informal with individuals taking turns to present an overview of the selected paper and lead the discussion. This forum has resulted in collaborative projects and published papers.

This semester we will focus on research initiatives such as TREC, CLEF and BioCreAtIve. For each we will study the guidelines and read a relevant paper Please see the following list that Chao has prepared.

Link to Chao's list of initiatives

  • January 27: Organization
  • February 3: (Chao Yang)
    •           Han et al., HIT at TREC 2012 Microblog Track.  Proceedings of TREC, 2012.
  • February 10: (Shiyao Wang)
        •           1. Dean-Hall et al.  Overview of the TREC 2013 Contextual Suggestion Track.
          •           2. Yang and Fang.  Opinion-based User Profile Modeling for Contextual Suggestions.  Proc. of ICTIR 2013.
  • February 17: (Dang Tran)
                  •           1. News Recommendation Evaluation Lab.
                  •           2. Kille et al. The plista dataset. Proc. of the 2013 Recommender Systems Workshop and Challenge.  ACM 2013.
                  •           3. Bobadilla et al. Recommender systems survey.  Knowledge-Based Systems 46; 109-132, 2013.
  • February 24: (Huyen Le)
  •           1. Demeester et al. Overview of the TREC 2013 Federated Web Search Track.
  •           2. Di Buccio et al. University of Padua effort.
  •           3. Mourao et al. NovaSearch at TREC FedWEB 2013.
  • March 3: (Xiaoxuan Zhang)
  •           1. Limsopatham et al., University of Glasgow at TREC 2012: Experiments with Terrier in Medical Records, Microblog, and Web Tracks.  TREC 2012.
  •           2. Al-Akashi et al., Query-Structure Based Web Page Indexing.  TREC 2012.
  •           3. Clarke et al. Overview of the TREC 2012 Web Track. TREC 2012.
  • March 10: (Sanmitra Bhattacharya)
  •         Goeuriot et al. ShARe/CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2013, Task 3: Information Retrieval to Address Patients' Questions when Reading Clinical Reports. CLEF
  •         eHealth 2013.
  •         Zhu et al. Using Discharge Summaries to Improve Information Retrieval in Clinical Domain. CLEF eHealth 2013.
  • March 17: SPRING BREAK
  • March 24: (Shiyao Wang)
  •         Not held
  • March 31: (Chao Yang)
    •          Amigo et al. Overview of RepLab 2013: Evaluating Online Reputation Monitoring Systems. CLEF RepLab 2012.
    •          Spina et al. UNED Online Reputation Monitoring Team at RepLab 2013. CLEF eHealth 2013. (only the topic detection subtask)
  • April 7: (Michael Rechnethin)
  •         Albakour M-D et al., On Sparsity and Drift for Effective Real-time Filtering in Microblogs.CIKM’13, Oct. 27–Nov. 1, 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • April 14: (Xiaoxuan Zhang)
  •        Liu X. and Fang H. Entity Profile based Approach in Automatic Knowledge Finding. Proc of 21st TREC Conference, 2012.
  •        Frank J. R., et al. Building an Entity-Centric Stream Filtering Test Collection for TREC 2012.
  • April 21: (Huyen Le)
  •        Penas A. et al. Overview of QA4MRE 2013 Entrance Exams Task. P. Forner et al. (Eds.): CLEF 2013, LNCS 8138, pp., 303-320. 2013.
  •        Banerjee S. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Answering System for Entrance Examination. Proc. of QA4MRE at CLEF 2013 Conference and Labs of the      
  •        Evaluation Forum.  Valencia, Spain.
  • April 28: (John Gikonyo)
    •         Leaman R et al. NCBI at 2013 ShARe/CLEF eHealth Share Task: Disorder Normalization in Clinical Notes with DNorm. Proc. of QA4MRE at CLEF 2013 
    •         Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum.  Valencia, Spain.
    •         Souminen H. et al. Overview of the ShARe/CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2013.P. Forner et al. (Eds.): CLEF 2013, LNCS 8138, pp., 212-231. 2013.
  • May 5: (no meeting)
  • May 13: FINAL EXAMS