Text Retrieval & Text Mining Journal Club

Spring 2013

2:15 pm to 4:15 pm

B13 MacLean Hall

(Here is a map showing the building location).

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Goal: To study current papers from journals and conference proceedings in text retrieval and text mining. Examples of problems include topic models, web retrieval and web mining, ranking strategies, ambiguity resolution, knowledge discovery, web phenomenon including social networks, information extraction and text classification. The reading group is lead by Professor Padmini Srinivasan. Interested students (from beginning to advanced students) and faculty are invited to participate in the reading group. Participation format is informal with individuals taking turns to present an overview of the selected paper and lead the discussion. This forum has resulted in collaborative projects and published papers.

  • January 29: organizational meeting

  • February 5: (Padmini Srinivasan) Munmun De Choudhury Scott Counts Michael Gamon. Not All Moods re Created Equal! Exploring Human Emotional States in Social Media. Proceedings of the Sixth International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media.

  • February 12: (Chao Yang) Lehmann, Gonçalves, and Ramasco. Dynamical Classes of Collective Attention in Twitter. Proceedings of WWW 2012, April 16–20, 2012, Lyon, France.

  • February 19: (Sanmitra Bhattacharya) Wu, Shaomei, et al. "Who says what to whom on twitter." Proceedings of the 20th international conference on World wide web. ACM, 2011.

  • February 26: (Senay Yasar Saglam) J. Martinez-Romo & L. Araujo, Detecting malicious tweets in trending topics using a statistical analysis of language. Expert Systems with Applications 40 (2013) 2992–3000

  • March 5: () Hsueh et al 2009. Data Quality from Crowdsourcing:A Study of Annotation Selection Criteria. Proceedings of the NAACL HLT Workshop on Active Learning for Natural Language Processing, pages 27–35.

  • March 12: (Dang Tran) Woo and Park. An Efficient Active Learning Method Based on Random Sampling and Backward Deletion. IScIDE 2012, LNCS 7751, pp. 683–691, 2013.

  • March 19: Spring Break

  • March 26: (Kang Zhao) Wang, Kraut and Levine. To Stay or Leave? The Relationship of Emotional and Informational Support to Commitment in Online Health Support Groups. CSCW 2012.

  • April 2: (Dang Tran) Long et al. Active Learning for Ranking through Expected Loss Optimization. SIGIR 2010.

  • April 9: (Xi Wang) Guo, Guo & Wang. An Activation Force-based Affinity Measure for Analyzing Complex Networks. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 1(113), DOI: 10.1038/srep00113

  • April 16: (John Gikonyo) Abrahams, et al.. Vehicle defect discovery from social media. Decision Support Systems 54 (2012) 87–97.

  • April 23: (Chao Yang) Hecht et al. Tweets from Justin Bieber’s Heart: The Dynamics of the “Location” Field in User Profiles. CHI 2011.

  • April 30: (Senay Yasar Saglam) Kang et al. Using an ensemble system to improve concept extraction from clinical records. Journal of Biomedical Informatics 45, 423-428, 2012.

  • May 7: (Padmini Srinivasan) Using information mining of the medical literature to improve drug safety. JAMIA 18, 668 - 674, 2011.