Text Retrieval and Text Mining Journal Club

Journal Club meeting will be on every Friday from 10:00AM - 11:30AM starting from 31th January, 2020.

Presenter Date Location Paper Year Published Conference
Mert Erdemir 1/31/2020 UCC-2390-Exec Race, Ethnicity and National Origin-Based Discrimination in Social Media and Hate Crimes across 100 U.S. Cities 2019 ICWSM
Osama Khalid 2/7/2020 UCC-2520C-Conf Man is to Computer Programmer as Woman is to Homemaker? Debiasing Word Embeddings 2016 NeurIPS
Asad Mahmood 2/14/2020 UCC-2520B-Conf Learning beyond datasets: Knowledge Graph Augmented Neural Networks for Natural language Processing 2018 NAACL-HLT
Jonathan Rusert 2/21/2020 UCC-2520B-Conf Text Processing Like Humans Do: Visually Attacking and Shielding NLP Systems 2019 NAACL
John Cook 2/28/2020 UCC-2520C-Conf Humpty Dumpty: Controlling Word Meanings via Corpus Poisoning 2020 IEEE
Ingroj Shrestha 3/6/2020 UCC-2520C-Conf DigChem: Identification of disease-gene-chemical relationships from Medline abstracts 2019 PLoS Computational Biology
Spring Break 3/13/2020 UCC-2520B-Conf
Spring Break 3/20/2020 UCC-2520C-Conf
Spring Break 3/27/2020 UCC-2390-Exec
Qi Qi 4/3/2020 UCC-2520B-Conf Hierarchical Optimal Transport for Document Representation 2019 NeurIPS
Momina Tabish 4/10/2020 UCC-2520B-Conf Deep Anomaly Detection with Deviation Networks 2019 KDD
Break 4/17/2020 UCC-2520B-Conf
Osama Khalid 4/24/2020 UCC-2520C-Conf Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood: Comparing Intentions and Perceptions in Online Discussions 2020 WWW
Mert Erdemir 5/1/2020 UCC-2520B-Conf Because... I was told... so much”: Linguistic Indicators of Mental Health Status on Twitter 2019 PoPETs
Asad Mahmood 5/8/2020 UCC-2520B-Conf Inexpensive Domain Adaptation of Pretrained Language Models: A Case Study on Biomedical Named Entity Recognition 2020 Arxiv

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