Text Retrieval and Text Mining Journal Club

Journal Club meeting will be on every Friday from 10:00AM - 12:00AM starting from 10th September, 2021.

Goal: To study current papers from journals and conference proceedings in text retrieval and text mining.

In recent years we have been studying papers on topics such as using NLP methods for text style transfer, lingistic style at the individual and community levels, algorithms for assessing and removing bias in machine / deep learning systems, algorithms for shielding deep learning attributors from adversarial attacks, algorithms for ensuring privacy of user attributes on the web, algorithms for obfuscating text attributes.

This semester we will follow a thematic approach in our JC. Specifically, a theme will span a few weeks. Several students will coordinate to find papers and present overviews at the meetings. Select papers will be studied in greater detail. Two themes that have been identified are (1) natural language generation (NLG) using systems such as GPT2/3 etc. and (2). Other themes may be identified.

The reading group is lead by Professor Padmini Srinivasan.

Interested students (from beginning to advanced students) and faculty are invited to participate in the reading group. Participation format is informal with individuals taking turns to present an overview of the selected paper and lead the discussion. This forum has resulted in collaborative projects and published papers.

Previous semester readings here.

List of Students