2016 Midwest Representation Theory Conference Sally

The 2016 Paul J. Sally, Jr. Midwest Representation Theory Conference In honor of the 70th Birthday of Philip Kutzko

University of Iowa, October 14–16, 2016

The 42nd annual Midwest Representation Theory Conference will address recent progress in the theory of representations for groups over non-archimedean local fields, and connections of this theory to other areas within mathematics, notably number theory and geometry. Professor Philip Kutzko has made significant contributions to the development of these areas, and the conference will celebrate his 70th birthday. The main topics include Plancherel formula, supercuspidal representations, the structure of smooth representations of reductive groups via types and covers, functorial transfer to general linear groups, and the local Langlands correspondence.

Shuyang Cheng (Chicago)
Kwangho Choiy (SIU)
Tasho Kaletha (Michigan)
Camelia Karimianpour (Michigan)
Ju-Lee Kim (MIT)
Yeansu Kim (JNU, South Korea)
Lawrence Morris (Clark University)
Fiona Murnaghan (Toronto)
Alan Roche (University of Oklahoma)
Shaun Stevens (UEA)
Dani Szpruch (Howard)

Sponsors: Department of Mathematics, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Perry A. and Helen Judy Bond Fund, National Science Foundation

Organizers: S. DeBacker (Michigan), David Goldberg (Purdue), Dihua Jiang (Minnesota), Muthu Krishnamurthy (Iowa), Loren Spice (Texas Christian University), Shuichiro Takeda (Missouri)