of Finite Dimensional Algebras

University of Iowa, August 16 - 19, 2019


We are pleased to announce a conference dedicated to homological methods and questions in the representation theory of finite dimensional algebras, which will take place at the end of Summer in Iowa City. The conference will be supported by the NSF grant 
NSF - DMS-1904770, "Homological Methods and Tilting Theory of Finite dimensional Algebras"
M.C Iovanov, Emre Sen, Shijie Zhu
We expect to have funding for all participants for hotel accommodations at the Iowa House Hotel and roundtrip flight travel. There will be a small number of plenary/expository talks introducing participants to several questions of the field and new progress on main problems in these directions, and a sizable number of talks by early career mathematicians, postdocs and PhD students. More details on the schedule are to be posted on this website. Please feel free to contact the organizers with any questions you might have, or if you are interested and would like to participate! 
VENUE: The conference will be held in the MacLean Hall (MLH) on the University of Iowa campus. It is within several minutes of the hotel the participants will be staying at.

LOCAL ACCOMMODATION: IOWA HOUSE HOTELhttps://iowahousehotel.com/  We have a block of about 30 rooms reserved for this period. Please contact the hotel directly and mention the name of the conference. The rooms will be billed directly to the Department of Mathematics.


Emily Barnard
Thomas Brustle
Ilke Canakci
Calin Chrindis
Harm Derksen
Ron Gentle
Edward Green
Emily Gunawan
Eric Hanson
Ivo Herzog
Gregory Igusa
Kiyoshi Igusa
Ellen Kirkmann
Mark Kleiner
Van Nguyen
Jonathan Rachowicz
Ralf Schiffler
Markus Schmidmeier
Khrystyna Serhiyenko
Svere Smalo
Gordana Todorov
Jose Velez
Oana Veliche
Jerzy Weyman
Dan Zacharia

Friday Morning - Arrival; Afternoon - Talks
Saturday Morning & Afternoon - Talks
Sunday Morning & Afternoon - Talks
Monday Morning - Talks; Afternoon - Departure

More details, such as names of  speakers, schedule, etc. to come on this website very soon.  For a more frequently updated website, see thisversion of the website:
For more info please contact Mio at miodrag-iovanov@uiowa.edu; Emre at emre-sen@uiowa.edu or Shijie at shijie-zhu@uiowa.edu

Local Organizing Committee:  
Miodrag C Iovanov
Ryan Kinser
Emre Sen
Shijie Zhu