M. Daniyal Dar

I'm currently a second year PhD student at the University of Iowa where I work in the SPARTA Lab under the supervision of Rishab Nithyanand. In the past, I've worked under the advisement of Mobin Javed at LUMS.

Email: <first initial><last name> AT uiowa DOT edu
Location: 317 Maclean Hall
Office Hours: TBD

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My research interests lie, broadly, in the space of internet measurements. More specifically, I work to understand the implications of web crawling techniques and internet authority practices. More recently, I've been exploring the internet censorship circumvention space and will be expanding onto developing such systems.


Selected Coursework

Privacy and Anonymity, Advertising and Tracking, Network Security, Internet Measurements, Topics in Computer and Network Security, Computational Geometry, Advanced Programming, Deep Learning, Statistics, Software Engineering